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Manor Lake Mini-Series: Assisted Living vs Memory Care

3 January 2024

Manor Lake Mini-Series: Assisted Living vs Memory Care - Athens, GA

Warm greetings from Manor Lake Athens Assisted Living and Memory Care in Athens, GA, as we usher in 2024! To kick off the year, we're embarking on a brief series of blog posts to delve into the distinctions between assisted living and memory care, aiming to address common inquiries. Our goal is to provide insight into the services offered in each setting and offer guidance on selecting the most suitable option for yourself or a family member.

Assisted living and memory care both offer assistance with daily tasks such as dressing and eating, but they cater to different needs. Memory care specializes in supporting individuals with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s disease.

Let's begin the year with a primer: Assisted Living vs Memory Care.

Assisted Living: Overview

Residents in our Manor Lake Athens assisted living community are largely independent but may require assistance with certain aspects of daily life. They typically enjoy good health and activity levels. Our assisted living service offers a comprehensive range of long-term wellness programs, including:

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Daily health support (including medication management)

  • Personal care assistance for daily activities

The primary focus of assisted living is to aid residents with daily tasks, allowing them more time to enjoy their independence. Additional services, such as housekeeping, transportation, 24-hour security, recreational activities, and more, are provided based on individual needs.

Memory Care: Overview

The key distinction between our assisted living and memory care communities lies in the residents they serve. Unlike assisted living, memory care is tailored for individuals with long-term memory impairments, such as dementia, necessitating specialized care from trained staff.

While memory care shares foundational services and amenities with assisted living, they are customized to meet the unique needs of individuals with memory impairments. For instance, housing in our memory care community includes enhanced safety measures to ensure the well-being of residents prone to wandering. Structured programs aimed at cognitive improvement and slowing memory loss, along with round-the-clock medical care, create a supportive and engaging environment for memory care residents.

Coming up next:

Determining whether assisted living or memory care is the right fit for you or your loved one. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at Manor Lake Athens Assisted Living and Memory Care in Athens, GA, with any questions or concerns.