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Stop In for A “Palm Sunday” Discussion with Your Family or Dear Friend Here at Manor Lake

20 March 2024

Stop In for A “Palm Sunday” Discussion with Your Family or Dear Friend Here at Manor Lake - Athens, GA

Here’s an idea to make your senior family member or friend’s face light up. Regardless of the degree of your religious faith, chances are you senior loved one residing within our Manor Lake Athens Assisted Living Community or our Manor Lake Athens Memory Care Community are rooted in religious faith. Spirituality just might be your senior or memory care loved one’s most foundational joy. Come visit them and share your knowledge of “Palm Sunday” which arrives in just a few days.

Palm Sunday remembers and celebrates when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, as foretold in a prophecy in the Old Testament in Isaiah and Zechariah. What Do Palm Branches Represent? Palm tree branches are a symbol of victory (Revelation 7:9). "Rising with slender stems 40 or 50, at times even 80, feet aloft, its only branches, the feathery, snow-like, pale-green fronds from 6 to 12 feet long, bending from its top, the palm attracts the eye wherever it is seen." The whole land of Palestine was called by the Greeks and Romans Phoenicia, i.e., "the land of palms."

The Jewish people wanted victory, victory over the Romans who had invaded their land. Jesus did come to enact a victory, but not quite the one they had in mind. When we use palm branches in our services, we can remember how Jesus conquered death for us to have a chance of salvation through Him.

Almost certainly, your discussion about Palm Sunday will give way to fond Easter memories (Easter Sunday follows Palm Sunday) and thus a warm and fulfilling visit will have taken place.

On behalf of our entire staff and your loved one under our care here at Manor Lake Athens Assisted Living and Memory Care, thank you for stopping in and lifting the hearts of our dear residents. When their hearts are lifted, ours are as well.